Viviscal Side Effects

vivescal side effects

Spoiler alert! I ought to keep up the suspense. However, I know you are all busy people. So, in a nutshell:

There are, in fact, NO side effects from using Viviscal…provided you follow the usage directions!

In case you happen to be in a hurry, I’ll save you the trouble of reading the whole article; once again, there are no significant side effects from using Viviscal, provided you adhere to the instructions.

The way to minimize any potential side issues is to take the supplement with your meal; then you shouldn’t have any problems. It’s also best not to take it on an empty stomach. Other than that, happy hair growing! 🙂

Now, if you want, and do have the time, please continue reading.

Possible Viviscal Side Effects

While all of the benefits of Viviscal are well documented, there are still people out there who could be concerned about potential side effects.

If you do not follow the manufacturer’s directions these are some of the issues you may find yourself encountering:

Skeletal Issues

It sounds scary but, in fact, these “skeletal issues” materialize if you merely ingest too much Vitamin C.

Should you happen to feel any stiffness in your joints or pain which seems to come from your bones, ensure that you lower your dosage of the supplement.

Viviscal Side EffectsIt is important to remember that in the case of the vast majority of people, you would have to take many times more than the recommended dose of Vitamin C for this to cause a problem. Vitamin C is incorporated into Viviscal because it assists in strengthening soft tissue and skin.

You will find Vitamin C in food sources such as leafy green vegetables, oranges, and fish. That list is, of course, not exclusive.

It is crucial to be aware of just how much Vitamin C you are supplying to your body, especially when you add another vitamin to your diet.

So, if you do feel any joint stiffness or bone pain, then lower your dosage. Enough said.


Iron is essential for your hair because it helps to produce red blood cells that will deliver oxygen to your skin.

Pale skin, dark circles, and dizziness are all signs of anemia, and this is caused by not having enough iron in your blood.

Viviscal Side EffectsHowever, if you take any supplement that contains iron, stomach irritation can be commonplace. To avoid this feeling of nausea, make sure that you take the supplement with food and this should nullify the feeling of sickness. Remember; follow the directions to the letter! If “taking with food” doesn’t solve the problem of nausea, consult your doctor who may recommend taking half the dosage.

Less is sometimes more in these scenarios.

Once you have developed a tolerance and you no longer experience nausea, you can go to a full dose.

Marine Food AllergyViviscal Side Effects

Should you have a fish or shellfish allergy, DO NOT take the product. The main component of the supplement is AminoMar which is a marine protein complex.

Maintaining Healthy Hair, Nails, and Skin

You can promote a healthy head of hair, bright and vibrant skin, and beautiful nails by ensuring that your body is getting a sufficient supply of the right vitamins.

Viviscal Side EffectsVitamins happen to be pretty popular these days, and with good reason. And yet this is a fact that has, sort of, become “forgotten” in recent years. The best vitamins for hair are relatively inexpensive and straightforward enough to add to your diet.

There are lots of supplements available these days which will enable you to ensure that your hair is getting the optimum support. But be aware; there are a whole host of supplements with vitamin combinations which contain dosages that are way past the amounts recommended for daily consumption.

Viviscal still happens to be one of the most effective hair growth products out there!

So…Will You Experience Side Effects From Taking Viviscal?

Adopting Viviscal as part of your hair loss management system may have potential side effects. But, and it is an important “but,” just like other supplements, you can minimize the risk by taking the recommended daily dose!

I realize that I’m a bit repetitive, but it is so important to remember that taking more may do more harm than good.

Less is most definitely more in this case.

And, remember, if something, anything, in fact, doesn’t feel quite right, speak to your doctor. Your overall health is, and always will be the most critical factor.

Alternatives to Viviscal

Viviscal does have a rival competitor; Hairfinity.

I will be posting a Hairfinity vs. Viviscal article in the not too distant future so you will be able to compare a couple of the biggest names in hair growth vitamins.

A Holistic Approach to Hair Re-growth

Vitamin supplements should always be part of a “holistic hair re-growth” system. They should be a constituent of a “three-pronged” strategy in combating hair loss.

You also have to look after your outside as well as inside.

Viviscal can help with the “inside” bit to keep your hair healthier, but you should also consider hair oils and shampoos for the “outside.”

Shampoos’ and Oils for the Outside

Shampoos such as Art Naturals Organic Argan Oil Hair Loss Shampoo are highly rated, and this will also be the subject of a future review.

Hair oils can also help. A favorite brand that comes at an inexpensive price is Wild Growth Hair Oil; yet another solution that is on my review to do list.

In a nutshell; your three-pronged approach, for maximum success, should include vitamins, hair oils, and shampoos.

Please comment below to let us know if you have any experiences of using Viviscal. or indeed any other hair loss remedy.

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