Essential Oils for Hair Loss

essential oils for hair loss

In this video AlopeciaFreeWithJass shares what, in her opinion, are the best essential oils for hair loss and hair re-growth. She also offers insight regarding the oils that are beneficial for helping you to achieve thicker, healthier, longer, and shinier hair. These are the oils that she has been using throughout her three-year journey.

She also includes some insightful “fun facts” about each of the oils she discusses. These include which essential oil can help you to achieve a lighter hair color without having to resort to bleach or dyes.

My own “favorites” of these “fun facts” are the oil which helps you to attract a mate and the one proven to re-grow hair loss caused by alopecia.

The oils that she talks about are all featured in her alopecia hair stimulating oil blend product, visit her website; alopecia to find out more. Many people have been asking about her product and enquiring about why she chose some of these oils. Watch the video to hear Jass explain why she regards these oils so highly and why some of the top oils in her oil blend have been helping her hair and other people’s hair too. Enjoy the video.


Essential Oils for Hair Loss:

I hope you enjoyed that little video and found it informative and revealing.

Jass talks a lot about all these essential oils for hair loss on her website and her YouTube channel. She discusses the benefits of Tea Tree, Peppermint, Castor oil and Black Jamaican Castor Oil with vitamin E. These are all very beneficial oils for your hair. But in this video Jass covers some of the oils that rarely get talked about and why they are highly beneficial for your hair, especially if you’re suffering from hair loss, thinning, shedding or indeed any hair loss issue.

These oils are certainly going to help you.

Rosemary Oil

One of Jass’s favorite oils and one that she considers she could not live without on her “hair growth journey” is Rosemary Oil.

She has many reasons for regarding Rosemary oil so highly; one, in particular, is because Rosemary Oil, along with Cypress Oil, is proven to help people re-grow their hair back from alopecia.

If you have been following Jass on “her journey” you will be aware that she has suffered from two forms of alopecia which are alopecia areata and traction alopecia. Rosemary Oil is an essential element in her regimen to help her maintain hair growth. One reason for this is because Rosemary Oil is known for increasing cellular metabolism and this stimulates hair growth. It also helps to promote blood flow to your scalp which is extremely important for overall healthy hair and promoting hair growth.

The “fun fact” about Rosemary Oil is that it has also been shown to reduce the greying process. For those of us getting older, which, I suppose, is all of us, finding grey hairs popping up here and there, this will offer up another benefit.

As you can see Jass considers Rosemary oil to be one the key essential oils for hair loss.

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Ylang Ylang Oil

Ylang Ylang oil is known to help treat fine and limp hair; therefore it can thicken your follicles, which is crucial if you have thin or weak hair. Through applying this oil Jass has noticed that her hair is measurably thicker.

Ylang Ylang oil is also effective at restoring hair loss by stimulating hair growth. Ylang Ylang oil is a treatment that really helps you control the sebum that is being produced on your scalp which helps it stay moisturized.

A “fun fact” Jass mentions about Ylang-Ylang oil is not not only that it reduces stress levels but in some parts of the world it is applied as a potion to help attract a mate!

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Frankincense and Myrrh

Two essential oils for hair loss that are very exotic are, would you believe, Frankincense and Myrrh. They are, in fact, perfect for both your hair and your scalp. Both of these oils have very similar properties; they are both antibacterial and antifungal by nature. They also have antioxidant properties, which is effective at keeping your scalp safe from any sort of bacteria or anything that that causes itching which may cause your hair to fall out.

These particular oils are also very good at helping your hair to grow very strongly out of the hair follicles. The reason why that is important is that as your hair grows out and the follicles get longer they will remain on your head, and your hair will be fuller and thicker!

Another great thing about these two oils is that if you mix them together, they combine to add luster and shine to your locks.

So these oils are essential for maintaining the overall health of your hair, but the main difference between the two is that Myrrh contains hydrating and moisturizing properties which keep your scalp irritation free. It also helps to calm down any itching that might have been caused by a dry, irritated scalp.

A fun fact about Myrrh is that it is an anti-aging oil too. If some of the Myrrh “runs down” onto your face just rub it in! Moisturising with Myrrh will rejuvenate your skin, and you will have a younger, wrinkle-free appearance.

Chamomile Oil

Now another fantastic oil and rarely mentioned treatment is Chamomile oil. Did you know that Chamomile Oil is known for its “nerve soothing” properties? The oil has a calming and soothing effect on Essential oils for hair lossyour scalp. It also helps to alleviate irritation that is caused by dryness and itching. It can hydrate your scalp as well which reduces the dryness while at the same time preventing the brittleness that is an unfortunate by-product of a dry scalp. Chamomile oil is also handy in treating lice and dandruff too!

Chamomile Oil will also help to hydrate your hair strands from the “inside out” which goes a long way to maintaining healthy hair. It will keep your hair soft too!

Yet another benefit of applying Chamomile is it assists with the hydrating and moisturizing process thereby keeping your hair healthy and lustrous.

All these qualities make this natural remedy a major player among the essential oils for hair loss.

The “fun fact” about chamomile oil is that if used continuously and consistently it will lighten your hair colour. So if you desire a lighter “look” and don’t want to use bleaches, and chemicals, Chamomile is your oil!

Carrot Seed and Carrot Root Oil

A hugely beneficial natural solution and one that helps to improve blood circulation and stimulate hair growth is Carrot Oil. This benefit is essential if you are trying to re-grow healthy hair.

Another thing that this elixir does is keep your hair soft, silky smooth and shiny. It strengthens your hair from the root. As your hair grows strong, it will remain healthy as it grows down. The treatment can detoxify your body. This is, of course, necessary for the condition of your scalp and for the overall cleanliness of your body. It will give you a healthy body and promote healthy hair growth.

Carrot oils provide vitamin A which is efficient at regenerating your skin cells and your hair follicles. This regeneration is essential because as your skin is restored, you can re-grow hair out of follicles that are getting old or perhaps not working like they used to. All these qualities mean that Carrot Oil is undoubtedly useful in helping you obtain a thicker head of hair faster!

Jass’s “fun fact” about carrot oil is that it is also a “Sun blocker”! It helps to protect your hair from the Sun.

Another interesting fact is that carrot oil is used alongside Rogaine to help people to re-grow their hair.

I hope you enjoyed this interesting little Vlog item on the some of the most essential oils for hair loss. Make sure you visit Jass’s YouTube channel. She has lots of insightful video content which charts her progress on her Alopecia journey.

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