Does Viviscal Work One YouTube’er Shares Her Experiences

Does Vivescal Work

So what do Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Hudson, Reese Witherspoon and Lylah Kay have in common with each other?

They have all tried Viviscal!

Viviscal is a natural pill which has been created to tackle hair loss. It has been gaining in popularity recently.

Lylah Kay, the creator of this informative video, has been taking Viviscal for a full twelve months and more now so she thought it would be worthwhile sharing her experiences with the world in this video:

Does Viviscal Work


Viviscal for women

I hope you enjoyed that little vlog item and that it proved useful and informative.

What is Viviscal and how does it work?

Lylah began using Viviscal over a year ago after consulting her dermatologist about whether it would be right for her.

The product contains many vitamins known to help the hair. These include biotin, zinc, and iron but also include extracts of, believe it or not, shark cartilage, giant Pacific oyster, horsetail and a few other weird and wonderful ingredients.

The shark and oyster components give Viviscal its unique quality! It claims to help your hair “nourish itself from within,” providing added strength and thickness.

Lylah says she noticed the difference within two months of applying. Her shedding decreased significantly, and after four months she saw “a ton” of additional growth.

Lylah Kay still currently uses Viviscal, and she has no intention of stopping anytime soon.


So the time has come to list the pros:

Well first, Viviscal is easy to use. You take two pills a day for the first six months and then one capsule per day after that.

Second, it’s so easy to access; you can get it from your local drugstore or pharmacy, or you can purchase it directly online.

Finally, it certainly seems to work because it has achieved consistently good results. Lylah personally states that Viviscal has worked exceptionally well for her and she’s sure that it’s one of the main reasons her hair still looks “relatively decent.”

Does Viviscal Work


Well, as with all hair loss and regrowth treatments (it would appear), Viviscal needs to be used consistently. The product directions outline what you need to do if you miss or skip a pill.

Diligent use is required to see any degree of progress. Viviscal is undoubtedly a long-term commitment.

If you have a life-long hair loss issue like genetic alopecia then discontinuing use will more than likely cause fall. If, however, you have a temporary hair loss issue due to stress or post pregnancy then Viviscal may be an excellent solution for you.


As we have brought up the subject of pregnancy, it is important to remember that you cannot use Viviscal if you are pregnant or breastfeeding because the active ingredients in the product are harmful to an infant.

Side Effects

Viviscal has been known to cause side effects such as nausea as well as producing severe reactions for those allergic to shellfish or fish.

The treatment is also known to cause acne which is one of the reasons why Lylah initially hesitated and postponed trying Vivescal. However, after having been on the medication for over a year, Lylah can confidently say that it hasn’t caused any “flare-ups” or “breakouts” for her and she has had acne her whole life. She is delighted to say she’s had no acne due to Viviscal and hasn’t experienced any of the other side effects either.

Viviscal Results

So does Lylah recommend Viviscal for hair loss?

Lylah Kay confirms that, after a year of use, Viviscal is “certainly worth trying” as the results are “pretty good consistently” and she can personally attest to that.

As ever, I hope this post and video helped to assist you in making an “informed decision” regarding this solution.

Our thanks go to Lylah for sharing her thoughts and insight. Do visit her fabulous channel.

Please comment below to let us know if you have any experiences of using Viviscal.

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