Coconut Oil for Hair Loss ??

Coconut Oil for Hair Loss

In this revealing video, Zoe Joy from the “Muzic to my Ears” YouTube channel shares her experiences of using coconut oil to tackle her hair loss.

Spoiler Alert!

Zoe says Beware of coconut oil! It doesn’t work for everyone.

Protein Sensitive Hair

If your hair is protein sensitive, using products that contain a high amount of protein will make your hair hard and brittle and could even damage your scalp.

Enjoy the Video…


Zoe talks about how people revere coconut oil as the perfect natural hair oil. “I know you’ve seen these videos all over YouTube saying ‘oh my god you guys coconut oil has changed my life’ and all that.”

“I used coconut oil on my hair it was like a whole different texture!” Zoe says. “I’m sorry, but coconut oil is the bomb. Oh yeah, honestly I know a lot of people freak out about coconut oil all over YouTube and, you know what, I was all about it.”

“When I saw those girls on YouTube talking about getting coconut oil I said ‘oh my god! I’m doing coconut oil, and so I went out and got coconut oil, and for months I used it. I loved it it was amazing it changed my life.”

Coconut Oil is not Always Good for Your Hair

“So after a while of using coconut oil, I noticed a decline in my hair! It was getting frizzy and coconut oil for hair losscrazy, and because everyone ‘hyped up’ coconut oil so much I never thought it could be because of the coconut oil. I’m like okay; I have changed my conditioner, changed my shampoo; something’s going wrong! I’m not taking enough vitamins; I’m not eating healthy enough.”

“My hair is so hard and so awful, and then I started to think about the coconut oil because that’s the only real thing I can think that I changed.”

“You know when I used coconut oil all the time my hair was just really hard and completely unmanageable, and I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with it. You know what was wrong with it; coconut oil!”

Protein Sensitivity

Zoe also said that after using coconut oil all the time she discovered that she was “protein sensitive“.

While coconut oil isn’t, in fact, a protein, it acts as a protein on your hair.

“After a lot of research, I realized like yes that’s me! Now I had all the symptoms of “protein sensitivity”; my hair was really frizzy and so hard it felt like straw!”

“So I say this; coconut oil is not always for everyone. It’s not going to work for everyone. You have to take what you see on YouTube and apply it, but if it doesn’t work for you don’t keep doing it. Don’t do something that could damage your hair. If it’s not working for you, try something else.”

Coconut Oil is Good for Hair Loss for Some Women

Zoe adds; “I’m not entirely putting down coconut oil, it is a fantastic oil. It works well for a lot of people, but for some of us not so much. And if you do notice that you’re having issues with coconut oil, you know it’s making your hair hard, whatever; if you’re using it cut it out!”

“Try olive oil, try almond oil. There are fantastic oils out there that can benefit your hair. I’m using olive oil right now, and it’s completely different. My hair is soft, and it’s working for me.

“My hair is soft and nourished. It’s almost sad because I have this mentality because it’s like I want to love coconut oil so much!”

“I love cooking with it, and I love it for everything else.”

Magic Oil?

“I’ve watched so many natural hair videos where everyone’s praising coconut oil; it’s just this “magic oil” that promotes hair growth and makes your hair just look ‘amazing.’ But not for all of us.”

“I think that when a lot of people talk about one specific topic on YouTube, we get kind of excited about it, especially when it comes to like our hair or maybe losing weight or something. And we find out that something worked for someone else, and we want to use it too but it’s entirely crap for us but we keep using it because everyone’s like praising it.”

Are you a Protein Sensitive Girl?

“If you are one of those ‘protein sensitive’ girls, maybe you didn’t even know you were protein sensitive, and you just found out what protein sensitivity is in this video. So if you had these symptoms from using coconut oil, I would recommend that you do more research on ‘protein sensitivity.’ It’ll help you out to figure out how to take care of your hair in the future and try to stay away from products that have high protein. Try to stay away from the coconut oil and honestly learn about your hair.”

Not for Everyone

Zoe concludes by saying “I don’t want to hate on coconut oil. It’s an excellent oil, but for hair, it’s just not for everyone. I think that people should know that.”

“So in the end guys, the truth about coconut oil is that it doesn’t work for everybody. Try it if you like it. If you love it use it, but if it’s not working for you try something else.”

I hope you enjoyed Zoe’s little rant about coconut oil and also found it enlightening and informative. If so please pop over to her channel and give it a “thumbs up” and leave a comment.

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