Hi, my name is Drew Carter and I’m the founder and creator of this hair loss treatment for women blog.About

I live in West Yorkshire in the UK and I really enjoy reviewing health and lifestyle products and solutions with a view to helping people make informed buying decisions.

My main purpose in building this resource is to provide visitors with thoroughly researched reports about female hair loss and re-growth solutions.

Hair loss affects a great many women; 40% of the female population notice visible signs before they reach the age of 40.

My partner became very distressed as a result of her own experiences with female pattern baldness and this became the prime motivation for me create this site. I became passionate about finding a treatment for her that worked!

We are lucky that we live in an age of rapid scientific advances in the development of hair recovery technology and solutions.

I’ve no doubt that the future will provide even more satisfying answers to this annoying problem and I’ll continue to lookout for these and report back on them as each one emerges.

My main advice for now, though, is…


If you suffer from Hair Loss you no longer have to just accept it.

Don’t just simply do nothing; be proactive and try things out. Test them to see what works for you. Don’t passively accept your hair loss thinking that nothing can solve the problem because that simply isn’t true!

And if you have tried a particular treatment please do take to the time let me know about your experiences, good or bad, via the contact form below.

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