9 Women Talk About Life After Hair Loss

9 Women Talk About Life After Hair Loss

In this wonderfully uplifting video 9 Women Talk About Life After Hair Loss and how they have learned to embrace the look! It is true “triumph of the human spirit stuff!

This video is such an empowering statement on the triumph of the human spirit! I loved it, and I hope you do too.

Stunning Video, with a “Life Affirming” Message from Nine Gorgeous Women!

Carly Severn

The completely DDG Carly Severn kicks off this flick by describing her hair before she experienced her hair loss:

“I had long brown hair that was pretty bloody gorgeous if I’m honest. It looked great!”

Kate Ambrosi

Kate Ambrosi says “My hair was long, blonde, and I went every three weeks to the salon to have it conditioned, colored and highlighted. I was religious with my hair.”

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9 Women Talk About Life After Hair Loss

Suleika Jaouad

Suleika describes how she had this waist-length mane of crazy, wavy hair and used to think it was her biggest asset.

“Now, looking back,” she says, “I think that I hid behind my hair a lot more than I realized.”

Elly Mayday

“I’ve always loved my hair. I’ve had a good relationship with my hair so…yeah it was difficult to shave it off and to kind of take away that security blanket but I realized that I’m not going to have that anymore. I chose to take it away from myself as well and not hold on to something that’s not there.” Elly says.

These women are so frank and “up front” about their reactions and feelings as they describe the experience of losing their hair.

Phoebe de Croisset

Phoebe, who battled with Leukaemia, talks about how she felt that the loss of her hair was “so related to getting better and that’s kind of how I thought of it.”

In yet another moving segment one of the women says “it was hard to go out! I think beauty to me was just like I wanted to fit in, and now it’s like I want to stand up you know.”

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Valisia Lekae

Valisia opens up about her hair loss and how liberating it was:

“I wanted people to see me in the raw without the hair. It wasn’t until the end of last year where I could finally put back on a wig, and it felt liberating as well because there was some resemblance of the girl who I was before.”

Maggie Kudirka

Ballet dancer, Maggie Kudirka, who calls herself the “Bald Ballerina” says “It wasn’t a negative thing. I wasn’t upset about losing my hair because I’m one of those people who, when I go to the hair cutter, in there I look through the magazines, and I’m like oh! I like that haircut. So I’ve had my hair short, I’ve had my hair long, and before I started losing my hair one of the nurses suggested I get a wig that looks like my hairstyle and my color before it falls out.”

“I just have to wear a hat or a scarf with it so I can look like myself.”

More From Carly Severn

“I wore a wig immediately after I shaved my hair off,” says Carly. “That seemed like a natural progression.”

“I don’t wear wigs anymore, but my wig was fantastic for those first three months. It got me over a tough period where I didn’t want to be without hair, and I slowly started transitioning to finding my own style. I realized that for someone as young as me the wig wasn’t working.”

Rachel Fleit

Rachel Fleit, writer, and filmmaker, says “I remember sitting with my friend and my other friend, and I took my wig off, and he was like ‘oh my god’! You’re beautiful, and you never should put a wig on again. No one had ever said that to me that I can recall.”

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More From Suleika Jaouad

In a profound statement, Suleika Jaouad remarks “To me, beauty and femininity aren’t just about putting your best features forward but, it’s about embracing your flaws and accepting who you are. All of ‘who you are’; the bald, the thick-haired, the pale, the tanned, or whatever.”

More From Kate Ambrosi

Kate Ambrosi continues with “I think especially more so now, without having hair, I notice more than just hair. I see beautiful features of somebody. Its a face; somebody, you might have
beautiful eyes, or big full lips, or high cheekbones and everybody has a unique feature, and when you don’t have hair, you can figure out what that feature is.”

Carly on the fun of Makup

“It’s made me appreciate the fun of makeup and beauty and also the importance of it,” says Carly Severn. “that it’s not just fun. It has a real value like working with women who have lost their hair for whatever reason and teaching them certain tips and techniques and standing back and then seeing themselves in the mirror and feeling great again.”

Valisia Lekae

Valisia likes to have one thing that she loves to wear every day, like mascara. “It just brings things back to its natural state, like the simplicity of what it is. And it doesn’t take me a lot to be beautiful.”

“It is actually about the person and what’s inside of them and what their message is that’s what is the most beautiful.”

Finally, Carly Severn concludes this insightful little video by sharing these thoughts:

“I always remember when I went to the Met Museum in New York, and I saw a Renaissance painting of a woman, and it was a portrait of her face. I looked carefully, and I thought she doesn’t have any eyelashes. Then I realized that was because as beauty trends kind of come and go throughout the decades and the centuries, eyelashes were something that was not ‘prized’ as something as being incredibly important back then. And this portrait just shows her with no eyelashes at all. And I thought she looks great! So I immediately went down to the gift shop and bought the postcard!”

Thank you so much to Vogue at their YouTube channel and to the brave, beautiful and articulate women featured in the video for sharing so openly!

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